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Hi! So happy you stopped in to visit! My name is Charlotte. I am the owner of Outlaw Marketing and designer of Outlaw Gear (Montana style). Born and raised in Montana I served in the Army and worked at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for several years. So as you can imagine I'm very pro police, pro military, and pro first responder. And pro gun rights of course. I love God, my country and my family dearly and am thankful every day I get to live in the beautiful state of Montana.

Some of the designs I've purchased from other designers and some we've created ourselves. The ones we've created ourselves have the tag Outlaw Gear. I hope you find something you like and would love to hear from you! If you have something you want designed we can do that too. We only charge a design fee if it's something we can't sell to anyone else. Otherwise throw your ideas at us and we'll get something done!

We also help support local artists, local families, and local organizations. You can find items that benefit them throughout the site. Look for the banner that identifies them. If you are a local artist or organization that needs to raise money, give us a shout, we can help!

You can also find some of our items at The Off Grid Artisan located in the quaint town of Philipsburg, MT.Or stop by the Premier Fitness gym located at 607 N. Lamborn, Helena, MT! We have some of our items there also. Shout if we can help in any way and hope to see you around!

We are CONSTANTLY creating new designs. We just get a little behind uploading them into the shop. But check back often and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok